Thursday, August 24, 2017

Voltron: Legendary Defender - The Hunted

Keith (Steven Yeun) and Prince Lotor (A.J. Locasio) both prove themselves flawed leaders in "The Hunted." Noticing the Voltron team isn't the same as the one which beat his father, Lotor lures the paladins of Voltron into a trap where he can pick off the lions one-by-one. Keith's stubbornness leads the paladins into the trap, despite the concerns of his teammates. However, Lotor proves a bit too cautious for his own good as his attacks only help Princess Allura (Kimberly Brooks) make a connection to the Blue Lion and bring the paladins together as a team once more.

While it makes sense for the series to offer up an episode with Keith struggling with the unfamiliar role of leadership, Lotor's actions here aren't as well thought out. Presented as a smarter and more cunning adversary, the prince proves clever in leading the team into a trap but then takes barely any action at all once he's separated the group. The fact that his actions only help the paladins come together and reform Voltron does nothing to help his standing as the season's main villain.

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