Monday, August 7, 2017

Voltron: Legendary Defender - Changing of the Guard

Voltron: Legendary Defender begins its shortened Third Season with rebellion against the Galra spreading like wild fire. While Haggar (Cree Summer) has kept the severity of Emperor Zarkon from his soldiers, Prince Lotor (A.J. Locasio) has arrived to take control. Distrusted by his exile, rumors of his mercy, his unorthodox style, his love of "half-breeds," and his sudden appearance, Lotor makes an impressive introduction to the troops quickly dispatching on of his most popular rivals. Zarkon may be gone, but it appears the Galra aren't giving up their empire without a fight.

As more and more planets rally under the banner of Voltron, the paladins have a problem. The loss of Shiro (Josh Keaton) leaves the group a pilot short, and without someone to pilot the Black Lion there is no chance of forming Voltron. The fiery Keith (Steven Yeun) is the last of the group willing to admit that a new paladin must be found. With the Galra on their heels, the paladins have a little time with which to replace their friend, but the enemy won't stand idle for long... paticularly after they learn that Voltron is nowhere to be seen.

"Changing of the Guard" is a good reintroduction to our heroes and an even better introduction for our new villain. Lotor appears far more cunning than his father, and far more interesting. The episode also not-so-subtly reminds us that Voltrons new allies are all for throwing in with the paladins but much more cautious about the Blade of Marmora. It sounds like their may be trouble ahead for Voltron's staunchest allies. I'm also curious about the group of female generals (the "half-breeds" other soldiers complain about) he surrounds himself with. I'm interested in seeing just how large a role they play over the course of the seven episode season.

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