Thursday, August 31, 2017

James Bond: Moneypenny (One-Shot)

Why should James Bond get all the fun? This one-shot focuses on one of the British agent's most famous supporting characters: Miss Moneypenny. Taking the cue from the Daniel Craig rebeoot, this Moneypenny isn't just a mousey secretary but a highly-trained former field agent promoted to an important new job: protecting the head of the Secret Intelligence Service, M.

The comic from writer Jody Houser and artist Jacob Edgar jumps around quite a bit, showcasing Miss Moneypenny in and out-of-the-field, early training, childhood, and a current assignment protecting M during his visit to a university. It's this last piece that provides the bulk of the comic's action.

Despite the story jumping back-and-forth, the comic is a quick read and Edgar has fun putting Moneypenny in danger and showcasing her considerable skill in getting out of it. Other than it's $5 price-tag, my only real complaint is that it's only a one-shot. I wouldn't mind more of Miss Moneypenny in the future. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $4.99]

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