Monday, August 21, 2017

Dark Matter - My Final Gift To You

The future prophecies continue to come true as Three (Anthony Lemke), Five (Jodelle Ferland), and Six (Roger Cross) use Transfer Transit to visit Zairon to hear out Ryo (Alex Mallari Jr.) and recover the Raza's missing crewmate. Hoping to butter-up his guests, and throw them off-guard, Ryo uses his knowledge of their past to offer a gift to each of them. A coup d'├ętat ends the proceedings as the populace rises up against Ryo and Misaki (Ellen Wong) attempts to kill her emperor.

The coup may end both Ryo's reign and his struggle to regain the Blink Drive from his former friends, but it also reunites the man with the crew of the Raza who agree to save the emperor in order to make good their escape. Three's decision to let his clone die rather than remember Ryo's truth about the woman he loves is telling, allowing the audience to know a secret about Sarah that he's already forgotten. As for Two (Melissa O'Neil), the fate of Ryo is left in her hands. Should he die? Or has one of the crew of the Raza returned for good?

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