Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

Bizarro, and his connection to the other two Outlaws, is the focus of Red Hood and the Outlaws #13. With their friend dying, Red Hood and Artemis go to the one person who they believe might be able to save him, the Superman clone's creator - Lex Luthor. Choosing to help, while threatening legal action for theft of his property, Luthor gets to work on Bizarro as Red Hood and Artemis become introspective about how the odd creature has brought them together. While the first group of Outlaws was thrown together, this group has bonded in large part thanks to a super-powered white-skinned moron.

Along with the amusing cover (which is fun throwback to the Silver Age), the issue opens and ends with surprises. The opening gives us Bizarro's view of his creation (or the creation and past he wishes he had). Even near death the creature sees himself through the lens of Superman. Equally surprising is the comic's final panel which suggests big changes. While I have some doubts about the permanency of the new Bizarro we see before us, such a twist is unexpected and I'll be curious to see where this takes the Outlaws next. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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