Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #18

The arrival of Mysteria, the daughter to classic Spidey-villain Mysterio, who has now been hired by the same casino he is working for prickles Ben Reilly's Spidey-Sense to the level that he decides it is time to call in some back-up. Enter Kaine and Dusk. Unfortunately, neither prove to be all that helpful with the illusionist actually makes the casino disappear (by temporarily displacing it in another dimension).

I'm still a bit confused by the inclusion of Mysteria and Mysterio (the retired villain who Reilly threatened just a few issues back). Just what exactly are the father/daughter team up to? And how does temporarily loosing a hotel and casino fit into their plans? Hopefully the fallout of their "trick" will lead to some answers.

I'm also not wild about the art by André Lima Araújo which is a vastly different look from early issues in the comic. While I think the more muted palate as softer framing might work well for some comics, it wouldn't be my first (or even seventh) choice for Scarlet Spider. Hit-and-Miss.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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