Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lost in Space - Infestation

The series third episode sticks to form as the Robinsons encounter a new threat which they overcome in the final few minutes. The latest calamity, caused by Penny's (Mina Sundwall) rash actions to save her family in the previous episode finds the crew's ship sinking under the cracking ice. If that wasn't enough, the ships engines are inoperable and the fuel is slowly being eaten by space snakes (which turn out be pretty cool). With his robot going to extremes to protect Will (Maxwell Jenkins), the question of how it senses different types of threats is still pretty unclear, the rest of the family sets about attempting to solve the problem which Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) considers leaving the family to die, but (going against type, for reasons that aren't exactly clear) decides to stick things out for the last-second save.

In Lost fashion, the episode continues giving us flashbacks to events before the crash. The flashabacks for "Infestation" offer us far more about Dr. Smith than we ever learned about the original. Not only do we learn her real name but also how she came to be a part of the space mission. While the Robinsons are happy to be safe and are looking forward to being saved and reunited with the other space travellers, Smith obviously has other plans. The question is, what exactly does she want and how far is she willing to go to get it. The episode also sets aside time for John (Toby Stephens) attempting to help Judy (Taylor Russell) over her recent trauma, and the young woman finding her old resourcefulness when needed.

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