Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Elementary - Once You've Ruled Out God

Murder by lightning gun turns Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) on to a local laboratory missing some platinum, a dead Nazi bomb maker, and a legitimate threat of a dirty bomb being detonated in New York City. While the threat is very much real, the truth behind the series of events is never quite what it seems. The episode's B-story involves more of Joan's sister (Samantha Quan) and the death of her estranged and mentally-unstable biological father. While mostly filler, the B-story does feature a nice moment between the detectives which ties in Sherlock's current illness with that of the father Joan barely knew.

While only mildly inconvenient, and not preventing the detective from making clever dedications about the real reason for the stolen plutonium, Sherlock's symptoms continue to persist foreshadowing larger possible issues as the season continues. What happens if (or when?) his condition leaves him unable to solve a crime? The heist, rather than attack, was a clever twist for the episode, and I enjoyed the guest-role by Numb3rs actor Alimi Ballard (even if it wasn't much of surprise to discover his character was part of the heist).

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