Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Elementary - Pushing Buttons

While the theme of Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) illness is present yet again, the main focus of "Pushing Buttons" involves the murder of Revolutionary War reenactor (and pyramid scheme creator) on the battlefield followed up by the arson of his home. As with many previous episodes of the series, Holmes and Watson (Lucy Liu) will work their way through suspects and various motives before finding the true reason for both crimes. This week's reveal is almost too convoluted for its own good (hopefully not a sign of things to come). Given his condition, and his doctor's prescription of rest, it would seem to be an interesting way to gear multiple episodes of the season towards Watson as the primary character, although that doesn't seem to be what the writes have in mind.

"Pushing Buttons" also continues pushing forward on the other longer thread of the season with Sherlock's relationship to a new friend in AA. So far, Michael (Desmond Harrington) has been nothing but helpful with the assistance he's offered in our protagonist's time of need. Seeing the man also burying a dead body in the woods last week and then this week as for Sherlock's help in looking into her disappearance means there's obviously more to the man's motives than we've seen so far. Is he a sociopath that wants to get away with murder under Holmes' nose? Is he a split-personality who has no memory about the woman's death? Or is he involved in some larger game which may require Sherlock's help to free himself? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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