Thursday, May 10, 2018

Legion - Chapter 14

Although it offers some interesting moments, it's hard not to view "Chapter 14" as a filler episode used to artificially lengthen the series (a process Netflix has made an art form out of). All taking place in a blink of the eye as David (Dan Stevens) discovers the truth about his sister, the episode jumps around alternate realities where David is in more or less control of his powers and mental state. Be it a homeless man, a warehouse worker, or a the richest man in the world, in any reality David's condition continues to be both a potential burden or boon. Had this sequence taken place in a third of an episode, rather than stretched out over an entire episode, I think the idea would have been more effective and not left me feeling that it was sort of a waste of my time. You could skip this entire episode and not miss a single beat or reference going forward with the rest of the season.

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