Thursday, May 17, 2018

Green Hornet #3

When Britt Reid, Jr. goes missing overseas things get dicey at home in Century City, both in the reporting offices and on the streets where the son of the original Green Hornet had inherited both of his father's positions. With no Hornet to keep the local criminals in line, Kato's daughter Mulan steps up as the new Green Hornet.

For a character that has been around as long as the Green Hornet it isn't always easy to find new avenues to explore. Writer Amy Chu's choice to jump to the future and make Kato's daughter, rather than Britt's son, the Hornet (at least so far) provides just the sort of shake-up that makes the comic work.

Issue #3 of the series takes Mulan and reporter Tai to Instanbul where the run into the missing Britt who has been targeted by a secret cabal of wealthy individuals who want to rule the world from the shadows and the deadly Espada assassins sent to do the group's dirty work. On the run, will Mulan keep the green mask and cloak allowing Britt to perhaps take on the role of sidekick? Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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