Thursday, May 31, 2018

Elementary - Bits and Pieces

For the first time this season Sherlock's (Jonny Lee Miller) condition interferes with an investigation as he discovers himself on the front steps of the brownstone with a severed head in in a bag and no memory of how he, or it, got there. This forces Holmes to share his condition with the NYPD. While its obvious Gregson (Aidan Quinn) would be upset that Holmes kept his condition hidden from the department for so long, I can't say I'm wild about the show returning the pair to a more adversarial relationship (and Gregson's complete, almost Holmesian, lack of empathy to his friend's condition - which up until this point hasn't interfered with a single case - unfortunately makes him come off like the bad guy in the situation). That said, the episode's set-up is one of the more interesting of the series.

With Holmes temporarily benched, Watson (Lucy Liu) and Marcus (Jon Michael Hill) pick up the trail and discover how their colleague came to have a severed head in is possession (not surprisingly, he stole it). The case takes a few twists and turns before the detectives can figure out why someone killed the tissue donor, and the recent recipients of his organs. Sherlock's new pal Michael (Desmond Harrington) also returns this week, and his share at the local meeting seems to suggest that he may have killed the missing woman solely to give Holmes a case to solve and help the detective with his sobriety. As that seems to have not done the trick, more crimes may now be needed. That's certainly an unusual motive for murder and I'm curious to see how this thread will play out over the remainder of the season.

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