Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Elementary - An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains

After nearly a full year off the air, Elementary finally returns for the show's Sixth Season. Along with introducing a new case involving a missing person that leads to two separate murders, the season premiere picks up on the thread introduced at the end of last season involving Sherlock's (Jonny Lee Miller) deteriorating mental state. With the detective coming clean to Joan (Lucy Liu), we learn that although is condition likely isn't permanent it is effecting his ability to do his job which puts further strain on the detective in realizing that without his work there's a very real chance of losing his sobriety (which would further complicate him getting better). It's a vicious circle that is met with quiet frustration by the detective and concern from his partner.

Sherlock's issue, which causes him to lose focus at least twice during the case, is an interesting new wrinkle to the show that has always centered on the character's foibles as well as his strengths. As for the murder of the week, there's nothing all that special about the death of a sex tape star (Trevor Van Uden) and his former girlfriend (Trieste Kelly Dunn), but the investigation does lead our detectives through the usual hoops. Despite the distraction of his condition, Holmes is able to solve the case and nab a killer. One interesting takeaway from the episode is the introduction of a new character whose own sobriety was inspired by Sherlock's strength and hopes to return the favor. However, given the profession Sherlock's advice helped him pursue, I'm guessing we'll see some conflict there at some point this season (although Sherlock's form of morality may not necessarily rule out an AA sponsor who kills people for a living).

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