Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Deception - Code Act

The Mystery Woman's (Stephanie Corneliussen) quest, and her connection to the Black family is revealed in "Code Act" as she successfully pulls a bank heist under the nose of the Amazing Cameron Black (Jack Cutmore-Scott) and the FBI searching for the final piece of her puzzle. It appears, along with being a horrible father and renown magician, Cameron and Jonathan's father (Jack Davenport) was also a thief who used the cover of the stage shows to help steal millions all over the globe. And, for decades, those millions have been hidden away behind an elaborate set-up that requires a very specific set of artifacts to open.

The episode features (another) hidden room in the Black home, a lock made to fit specific artifacts from the magician's partners, and final test in a ridiculously over-elaborate puzzle box featuring a deadly animatronic man who knows the location of the lost treasure. Forced into working with the Mystery Woman, Cameron is able to not only survive the set-up but get the map and arrest the woman who ruined his brother's life over some daddy issues she never came to turn with. Leading into the season finale, the FBI takes the win... but their adversary still has a card or two left to play.

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