Friday, July 6, 2018

Batman #50

The wedding day finally arrives in the over-sized Batman #50. While the main story features the bride and groom to be getting ready for the big event, the comic is a standout for a series of full-page art by various DC artist capturing Batman and Catwoman over the years. My favorites of these are the classic 70s and 80s pages from José Luis García-López and Jason Fabok, the classic 50s look from Andy Kubert, the fun Spidey pose from Rafael Albuquerque, and the longing in Becky Cloonan's page. My only real complaint is that Bruce Timm isn't included (although Ty Templeton's take harkens back to that style).

Surprising absolutely no one, DC Comics gets cold feet at the last moment and calls off the wedding between the two characters with each leaving a note for the other that remains unread. Despite their plans, and DC's huge build-up to the event, the wedding never takes place.

This, of course, leaves Batman solo and brooding once more and spins off Catwoman into her own series. I'll be curious to see if the wedding that never happened remains in continuity or eventually fades and is forgotten by all but fans. Worth a look.

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