Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Elementary - The Adventure of Ersatz Sobekneferu

With Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) preoccupied with the arrival of his father (John Noble) in New York and the discovery that a potential assassin is trailing him, Watson (Lucy Liu) takes the lead in an odd case where a woman was murdered and had begun to be mummified by one of the world's most famous forgers (Stephen Spinella). The investigation leads to another forger (Julian Sands), and the father of the murdered young girl, but the real culprit is closer than the NYPD realizes.

While the murder of the week provides it share of interesting twist and turns, and allows Watson to do some of the primary investigating without her partner, the episode saves its most intriguing surprise for the end. Sherlock not only makes peace with his father but discovers that someone, likely aware of Morland's attempts to dismantle the criminal organization that has fallen under his control, has targeted Sherlock's father. And for the first time, in quite some time, the name Moriarity is mentioned aloud. Could Holmes old nemesis be lurking around the corner?

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