Monday, July 30, 2018

Bikini Chain Gang

2004's Bikini Chain Gang was a made-for-TV erotic thriller. It's the kind of low-rent, poorly written and poorly acted, and highly sexualized movie you might find late night on Showtime or Cinemax. It appears this was made $12.50 on a lazy summer day by those with only a loose understanding of what a movie is.

We begin with a waitress (Beverly Lynne) unwilling to put out for her sleazy boss being framed as an accomplice to a robbery and sent to a Maximum Security Prison where she finds herself at the mercy of a sadistic prison guard (Nicole Sheridan).

The plot, such that it is, involves the prisoners (Lynne, Belinda Gavin, Brooke Banner, and Jassie) breaking rocks in bikinis (the film's name is very literal), a prison escape from the highly-sexualized prison, and a series of increasingly ridiculous sex scenes (by far the most competent parts of the movie) loosely strung together by what passes for a semi-coherent story. Now available on DVD, extras include a blooper reel and trailers.

[Bayview Entertainment, $14.76]

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