Monday, July 30, 2018

Killjoys - Johnny Dangerously

Last week's season premiere caught us up with Dutch's (Hannah John-Kamen) adventures in the Green and offered a flashback to how she and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) became RAC agents. "Johnny Dangerously" catches us up with the rest of the characters including the marooned Jacobi brothers and Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen), and lets us know what happened to the rest of the good guys following the sudden halt in the battle against the Hullen. Stuck in the middle of nowhere D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) and Kendry take rash action to save a dying Johnny by injecting him with the Green. The process saves his life but also makes him more unstable and unpredictable.

There are some fun moments here including the montage of how the trio spend their time adrift in space and Johnny going super-solider when their lives are threatened. The adventures of Zeph (Kelly McCormack) and Pippin (Atticus Mitchell) lead the rebels begin piecing together what happened to their friends and formulate a plan to find the Jacobi brothers. The subplot also introduces a new character in Scarback dominatrix (Anna Hopkins) and foreshadows new trouble for the group when Pippin gets infected by one of the bizarre spiders left over from the Hullen ship. Too bad kid, we were just starting to like you.

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