Monday, July 2, 2018

Take Two - Smoking Gun

After catching a Hollywood director (Jonathan Silverman) over a dead body with the murder weapon in his hand, Sam (Rachel Bilson) still isn't convinced of his guilt. Over Eddie's (Eddie Cibrian) objections, the pair take the case and begin to uncover clues that suggest Sam's gut (despite the obvious evidence against the murder suspect) may be right. When they uncover the fact that the producer's mistress was actually a grifter and blackmailer, an entire new pool of suspects is discovered. However, the real motive for the case turns out to be tied the producer's latest project involving a federal witness and those who want her dead before she shares more of her story.

The show's second episode is still struggling to find its tone, and the proper level of flirtation between its stars (who at one point get locked into closet together). The episode is also notable for the court scene in which Eddie stands up for Sam offering a flimsy excuse to keep them together for the duration of her probation. Like much of the rest of the episode, the scene is cute but a bit forced as the show continues to struggle and find its natural rhythm. We also get a new supporting character in Sam's new assistant Monica (Alice Lee) who appears to be a fun addition and more interesting than the so far bland Berto (Xavier de Guzman).

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