Monday, July 23, 2018

Killjoys - The Warrior Princess Bride

While temporarily putting the bizarre adventures of the Green on hold, Season Four of Killjoys opens with a bedtime story for Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen). After she is wounded inside the Green by the Lady, Khlyen (Rob Stewart) offers the daughter he raised a bedtime story which he hopes will give Dutch the strength to fight back against their mysterious adversary. That story just so happens to be how Dutch and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) got to the Quad and became Killjoys. While I'm still very much on the fence about the Green and how much of the series the storyline has taken up, its fun to see the show return to simpler times for our two heroes.

The flashbacks show how Dutch and Johnny make the best of a bad situation to stop an assassination, prevent their ship from being impounded, and find a new line of work. The episode also allows for the return of Big Joe (Tony Nappo) and provides some insight on how Johnny won over Lucy and how Dutch got her new name. Knowing things are probably about to get really weird (again), it was a smart choice for the show to take a step back and reinforce the core relationship of the series (while foreshadowing how it, above all else might, be the key in the battle to come).

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