Monday, July 16, 2018

The New Legends of Monkey - Hope Must Never Die

Although the set-up in the first episode of The New Legends of Monkey is a bit awkward, there is some fun to be had. In "Hope Must Never Die" we are introduced to a young monk (Luciane Buchanan) who, after the death of her master and a group of four warriors at the hand of a demon (Jarred Blakiston), it will fall on to bring back the Monkey King who can help restore order to the demon infested lands. Initially our heroine has the crown of the Monkey King in her position but doesn't know his location and is preparing a long quest to find him, and then all of the sudden she lacks the crown but knows exactly where the trapped body of the Monkey King resides. Like I said, a bit awkward. The episode spends quite a bit of time introducing us to characters irrelevant to our monk or her champion, who she does free at the end of the episode and takes on the name Tripitaka to help fulfill her master's quest.

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