Monday, July 16, 2018

Take Two - Ex's and Oh's

The latest case hits close to home when Sam's (Rachel Bilson) ex-fiance (Greyston Holt), the one who dumped her on the red carpet, shows up after his home was burglarized. One of the items stolen from the apartment was the actor's laptop which just happens to include a sex tape of the pair of them he never got around to deleting. Sam and Eddie's (Eddie Cibrian) search into the burglary turns up the laptop but also draws the attention of some very bad people and the DEA who believe Sam's ex may be into heroin smuggling and money laundering. While there's still plenty of room for improvement,"Ex's and Oh's" is the best episode of the series so far offering a rationale for Sam's overreactions and more enjoyable moments between Berto (Xavier de Guzman) and Monica (Alice Lee).

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