Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Take Two - Taken

Sam (Rachel Bilson) and Eddie's (Eddie Cibrian) vastly different histories with a night club owner create conflict when they accept the case to find the club's missing DJ (who turns out to be the mobster's illegitimate son). The case includes your usual amount of twist and turns, giving mystery a very Castle-esque feel (even if the dialogue and character interactions fail to measure up), before the pair recover the missing DJ and uncover the identity and motive of the kidnapper. The episode also offers more interaction between the assistants as Berto (Xavier de Guzman) and Monica (Alice Lee) try unsuccessfully to pump each other for information about their bosses' secrets. I think there's something worth tapping here, but it's still a bit unclear just big a part of the show these two will be. There's also some team building between the partners and Bilson in a ridiculous pizza costume in a subplot that would only make sense pre-Internet.

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