Monday, July 18, 2022

Batman #125

A new creative team takes over in Batman #125 as the Penguin begins attacking Gotham's City's top 1% leading to the still wealthy, but no longer uber-rich, Bruce Wayne attending a gala which will be targeted by the villain leading Batman to walk right into Penguin's (pretty dumb) trap.

Setting aside Broke Batman, which remains one of the dumbest plotlines in the character's history, the first issue of "Failsafe" sets Batman on a series of events that will lead to him being more isolated. Selina Kyle (who is given her own back-up story in a failed attempt to justify the cover price) has moved on. Robin is shot during the gala. And the gloating Penguin frames Batman for his murder (despite, you know, the physical evidence of him killing himself with poison that you'd think would be easy for a hospital to find). While I enjoyed the look of the issue, I have little interest in yet another team trying to make Batman even more gritty.

[DC, $4.99]

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