Tuesday, July 26, 2022

SkyMed - Line Indoc

The second episode of SkyMed furthers the various internal drama of the nurses and pilots including Lexi (Mercedes Morris) beginning her new life of a pilot and facing animosity from those other in line for the open position (who are never called out for shirking their responsibilities?), guilt for accepting the position while keeping quiet about why the plane crashed, and hazing in her new role by a distracted Bodie (Aason Nadjiwon) whose secrets will be revealed concerning both his new job and pregnant girlfriend. 

Elsewhere, Crystal (Morgan Holmstrom) becomes more ambivalent about the local smuggling, and she and Hayley (Natasha Calis) find themselves hostages by a husband upset by the lack of care his wife is receiving. The plane hijacking does a little more to showcase how well Hayley is on her feet and offers the chance at a little bonding between Bodie and Lexi, despite their rocky start to her training. The episode closes with the return of Wheezer (Aaron Ashmore) and news of an investigation not likely to make Lexi feel anymore comfortable about the current state of things in the Great White North.

  • Title: SkyMed - Line Indoc
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