Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Transformers: Fate of Cybertron

The one-shot Transformers: Fate of Cybertron wraps up the IDW ongoing Transformers storyline (which only kept my interest off and on since it began back in 2019) with the Autobots leaving Cybertron to the Decepticions as agreed, but not before Megatron takes a few last swings at Optimus Prime and attempts to capture and keep all the Autobots as his prisoners to witness the glory of Cybertron under his rule.

There's quite a bit here, including the Imploder (keeping some of the Autobots at bay) that aren't really explained for someone jumping in at the end. That said, we do get Prime vs. Megatron one more time as well as a big battle between the Autobots and Decepticons allowing the Autobots to flee and begin life again on a new home. The oversized issue isn't an ultimate conclusion to Transformers, but does work fine as an end to this chapter of their adventures.

[IDW, $7.99]

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