Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Old Man - II

Looking for a spot out of the way to rest up and heal, Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) makes an unexpected new friend in Zoe (Amy Brenneman), a beautiful if troubled woman renting out her guest-house to the spy on the run. There are several great scenes of the two of them together including the final scene of the pair in her kitchen which is set up earlier in the episode. Our spy on the run doesn't tell her much about his life, although he does mention his wife. Now that a real connection between the two has been made, what happens to her when the government comes calling?

The episode's second episode also introduces us to the office world of Harold Harper (John Lithgow) who returns to work to find Dan Chase and try to not have too much of their shared history come to light. We get a flashback between younger versions of the characters (played by Bill Heck and Christopher Redman) along with a story from the CIA agent (E.J. Bonilla) who lost Dan to Harper's protégé (Alia Shawkat) which offers the most information about who Dan Chase was in his earlier life that we've gotten so far. We get more conversations between Dan and his daughter over the phone, but a discovery by the pursuers, in part with his visions of his ex-wife, raises a possibility that Dan may be talking with a ghost (either that, or he has hidden her too well for the CIA to find her).

  • Title: The Old Man - II
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