Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #3

Three more bloody tales of Moon Knight in black, white, and red are collected in Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #3. The craziest, and least interesting story for me, finds Moon Knight fighting aboard a spaceship in "Astronauts." It's weird but not as much fun as Moon Knight in space sounds. However, it's the other two tales where you will get your money's worth.

In "Wrong Turn" three bank robbers pick the wrong cab to hijack as they get taken for a ride they will never forget by Jake Lockley. Poor fools. And Moon Knight fights off a cult in an attempt to save a young woman from becoming their sacrifice in "No Empty Sky" which also features a discussion between the hero and Khonshu about Marc Spector's role as his vessel (and what should happen if he should fall).

[Marvel, $4.99]

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