Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Once and Future #27

While the appearance of the sword in the stone moves all the various Arthurs to action, DuncanBridgette, and Rose do what they can to keep the would-be kings from claiming a throne until Christmas, Once and Future #27 also turns its sights back on the deformed Galahad and his quest for the Grail. The character has been on the periphery of the comic for quite awhile, but hasn't been a major player. Here the disheartened warrior gets the encouragement he needs to finish his quest which is achieved but the story doesn't exactly end in the manner his mother had hoped.

The fight over the sword is just the beginning of a larger thread, even Duncan gives it a go, but the end of Galahad's quest brings the story back to the themes of family and may just have given our heroes a new ally in hopes to survive until to the end of the year.

[BOOM! Studios, $3.99]

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