Friday, July 1, 2022

The Princess

Joey King stars in the title role of a princess who refuses to marry a sociopathic suitor (Dominic Cooper) who then takes control of the kingdom by force and locks her away in the castle's tower. Not one to wait for Prince Charming, she fights her way out of the tower and battles the invading knights and cutthroats in hopes of freeing her family from the dungeon and killing her would-be husband who will stop at nothing to seize the throne.

King does what she can here, but neither the film nor the character are all that well written. The Princess attempts to offer up a kick-ass feminist heroine capable of saving her family and changing the world, and even throws in an evil henchwoman in Olga Kurylenko, but the film ultimately isn't much more than a throwaway action flick, with an increasing number of blood-spattering corpses, never going far enough to embrace its absurdity.

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  • Title: The Princess (2022)
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