Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Terminal List - The Engram

The first episode of The Terminal List introduces us to Lieutenant Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt) and the operation overseas to take down a terrorist which goes bad, leaving almost all of his men dead. Reece gets his bell rung during the ambush by the locals, showing signs of a severe concussion throughout the remainder of the episode and setting him up as an unreliable narrator for what will follow. After returning home, Reece's accounts conflict with the audio recordings of the missing, leading him to believe someone has doctored the mission logs (but we are never given a viable reason why someone would do this as events aren't changed overall, only the member of the unit who triggered the trap is different than Reece's recollections).

We also see Reece confused over the remaining member of his unit who takes his life after returning to the States, leaving him as the only living witness to what occurred. Unless our soldier has a serious mental break in the final third of the episode, "The Engram" doesn't wait to confirm his paranoia, rather than continue to play out both possibilities as true, as attempts are made on both the Lieutenant (in a very bizarre looking medical facility) and his family (Riley Keough and Arlo Mertz) to close out the opener. Now with little left to loose, can Reece discover what really happened both overseas and at home and take his revenge?

  • Title: The Terminal List - The Engram
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