Monday, July 11, 2022

Fairfax - The Circle of Hype

A trip to the Fairfax Flea Market leads to revelations for each of the kids as Truman (Jaboukie Young-White) learns to enjoy the moment when playing with a mom band, Dale (Skyler Gisondo) and Benny (Peter S. Kim) find something unexpected on the shady side of the market where older brands have been shunned, and Derica's (Kiersey Clemons) purchase of a new jacket leads to immediate hype, hallucinations caused by dehydration, and then eventually emotional insight and a chance meeting.

Opening with a "Circle of Life" parody, there's plenty of craziness which crescendos in Benny leading the shady side merchants back into the light in a revolution where I'm pretty sure they killed some of the more popular merchants before rain pushes them back into the shadow. In the end each leaves with some insight, and far less pretentious crap then they set out to buy (although Derica does now own a pretty sweet vest).

  • Title: Fairfax - The Circle of Hype
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