Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Blood & Treasure - The Soul of Genghis Khan

Blood & Treasure returns for a Second Season with Danny (Matt Barr) and Lexi (Sofia Pernas) being pulled into a search for the the standard/banner which Genghis Khan rode into battle with which became known as the Soul of Genghis Khan. Lost for years, some mysterious group which attacked both the Vatican and killed their old frenemy Jay Reece (John Larroquette) in prison is after the standard for their own twisted needs. And helping them, unknown to Danny or Lexi, is Reece's daughter (Victoria Diamond).

Albeit a bit more convoluted and mysterious than necessary, the first episode sets up a new quest for our heroes. We also get the added dynamic of Danny and Lexi being a couple this season. Mark Gagliardi returns as Father Chuck, and other characters are teased in the season preview to make their return. If this opener is any indication, this season will be more of the mixed bag we got in the show's First Season but may offer some fun along the way.

  • Title: Blood & Treasure - The Soul of Genghis Khan
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