Monday, July 18, 2022

SkyMed - Pilots And Nurses And Bears, Oh My!

The first episode of the Canadian drama sets up the world of nurses and pilots working for an air ambulance service servicing those in remote locations in northern Manitoba. Our introduction to the world comes in part with the arrival of a new nurse, Hayley (Natasha Calis) running literally and figuratively from medical news to the edge of the world. We're also introduced the the various other nurses and pilots including those looking at the situation only as a springboard to bigger things and those who have carved out a permanent home for themselves.

SkyMed feels very much like a standard network medical drama, with some planes thrown in. There's plenty of drama here, much of it having to do with something other than a medical emergency, some of which plays out in the first episode, and some of which will likely linger throughout the season. The frisky business of the house where the pilots and nurses stays creates plenty of opportunities for romantic awkwardness. There's also company politics and the fallout of a plane crash in the first episode. Although not thought highly of initially by one of the other nurses (Morgan Holmstrom), Hayley quickly proves herself in one hell of a first day while also walking a bit blindly into relationship drama with one of the pilots.

  • Title: SkyMed - Pilots And Nurses And Bears, Oh My!
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