Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Red Sonja #11

As the war looms, and gods and mortals prepare for battle, Red Sonja goes in search of an item she is told can save the world: the soul of a god. Red Sonja #11 is a pretty talking issue mostly setting up future events, explaining the wills of the gods, and offering a revelation at the end which will change everything as we see Sonja interacting with some of the bizarre new people she's met and goes in search of the soul of a god which Kulan Garth covets and may be the key to everything.

Along her journey she comes across the gatekeeper, enjoying his time with humans far more than he ever did with the dead, fascinated by their passions. Reunited, the pair go in search of the soul just as the war is about to begin. However, only in the last moment does Sonja realize the truth of the moment and what Kulan Garth is truly after and the cost it could entail. With the world in the balance, what will the She-Devil with a Sword choose?

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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