Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Transformers #9

The ninth issue of the new Transformers series gives us the space bridge and new characters from Cybertron taking their first steps on Earth. The most notable of these is Shockwave, one of my favorite Transformers, who certainly retains the ruthlessness from previous incarnations of the character although this version is more fiery and outspoken and a bit less cold and calculating than the original. The bridge also provides a way to get Elita One and Ultra Magnus into the Earth storyline, as well as the Combaticons who are chasing them.

Even if he's a bit different, I'm thrilled to see Shockwave in a major role here and he certain bolsters the Decepticons forces with several Autobots being taken down leaving Optimus, Elita One and the carcass of Ultra Magnus with no other option but to flee, leaving their fallen comrades at the mercy of the Decepticons. Another first sighting of note, in one of the human threads, Beachcomber saves Spike from Astrotrain.

[Image/Skybound Entertainment, $3.99]

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