Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Nightwing 2016 #115

Continuing the "Fallen Grayson" arc, Nightwing #115 picks up at events of the fundraiser spoiled by Heartless. The entire event was staged to get his hands on Dick Grayson (and underneath Batman's nose, which might be the hardest aspect of the story to accept). After discovering his secret, and realizing he can remove two enemies (both Grayson and Nightwing) in one fell swoop, Heartless enacts the next stage of his plan framing Dick Grayson for his crimes by drugging him, dressing him up as the super-villain, putting a gun and victim at his feet, and leading the police to the crime scene.

While I don't expect the evidence the police find to hold up in a world where Batman can come to Dick's defense, things certainly look bleak for Dick Grayson at the end of the issue. Even if he's exonerated (or did he run to the mountains, fleeing prosecution?), the damage to his name isn't likely to be fixed overnight. And we still have yet to see Heartless' end game and just how far he'll go to destroy his enemy.

[DC, $5.99] 

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