Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Nights #7

While Vince gets the starring role in the production Sweeney Todd, with the others in attendance, Ivory is the one who carries the majority of the issue. After being locked in the trunk of a car, his kidnapper lets him out only to force him to break into Ernest Hemingway's house and steal a mystical book. Sounds easy, right? Well, it would be except for those cats.

Even if we don't get much of Vince or Gray (although we do see some flashbacks of Gray and Ivory in half-forgotten memories), what we do get still ticks the boxes for crazy fun (with some dark foreboding thrown in at the end for good measure). All that said, the cats steal the show here led by the adorable (and murderous) MacGuffin who don't take kindly to Ivory's trespassing although MacGuffin does reveal a truth about cats. Despite the carnage that ensues, and there is plenty, Ivory does make back to catch the end of the play, but there's new trouble just over the horizon.

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