Monday, June 10, 2024

Scarlett #1

Launched as part of the new G.I. JOE / Transformers shared Energon Universe, Scarlett in essence breathes new life into the character giving us her last mission before joining G.I. JOE (which earned disapproval from her superiors for stepping outside of the mission parameters and doing something heroic like save the lives of a dozen hostages) to her first mission after being recruited by Stalker. That mission, which she choose to accept, is to walk into Arashikage.

Lots of great stuff here highlighting Scarlett's talents (both in the field and for pissing off authority) while also building a close relationship with Jinx who she notices on her mission, and, after learning she's been embedded with Arashikage, and possibly in over her head, agrees to go in after her. Although we don't get the famous man in black, the first issue does give us the Hard Master as well as his other most famous student.

[Skybound Entertainment / Image, $4.99]

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