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My Adventures with Superman - Two Lanes Diverged

There are two storylines at play in "Two Lanes Diverged." The one which provides the episode its title revolves around the troubled relationship of General Lane (Joel de la Fuente) and his daughter Lois (Alice Lee). Along with the Sam's decision to leave Lois alone again, we see flashbacks to her childhood involving the soldier pushing her survivalist skills and never letting her in on the nature of his work creating a lifelong resentment which leaves her alone once again when, despite her arguments over the course of the episode, he decides to leave her once again.

The other half of the episode involves Clark (Jack Quaid) accompanying Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) to a S.T.A.R. Labs event on aliens which neither realizes is nothing more than a stunt by Lex Luthor (Max Mittelman) to rally both public sentiment and military assistance against what he coins as "The Superman Problem." The two stories converge when Lois and her father hit the symposium while running from Task Force X goons. Superman saves the day, but much of the S.T.A.R. Labs tech is destroyed in the process leading credence to Lex's argument against the potential unchecked dangers of Superman.

While the Task Force X goons continue to be very much hit-and-miss, the rise of Luthor as an antagonist works to beef up the seriously undeveloped villain-side of the show. The Lois/Sam relationship is crushing, mostly because neither can see the other's perspective and what each needs for/from the other leading them, as the title suggests, to be put on their separate paths. Feeling ignored by Lois and betrayed by Jimmy, who unintentionally led Lex down this path, Clark looks for help elsewhere choosing to call out to Kara and hopefully bringing a Supergirl to Earth in the near future.

  • Title: My Adventures with Superman - Two Lanes Diverged
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