Sunday, June 16, 2024

Darth Vader #47

Joining the Schism Imperial (the secret cabal within the Empire looking to end the reign of the Emperor), Darth Vader has successfully raided Exegol and taken one of the largest Kyber crytstals from the hidden Imperial vaults. He quickly puts it to good use killing a Summa-verminoth impressing the members of the Schism Imperial, and the Emperor himself (who he communicates with through the crystal seeing potential futures).

Setting up a second thread which will inevitably lead into Vader's story, the issue also gives us Luke, feeling the actions his father is taking which ripple through the Force. Looking for a distraction, he answers the call of the untrustworthy Warba Calip. However, their meeting  ends up face-to-face with Sabé who had turned from Vader's teaching and service but now may be the key character within this thread to bring father and son together once more. However, the question is what is Sabé's ultimate goal? Does she wish to deliver Luke to his father or save him for his mother?

[Marvel, $4.99]

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