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My Adventures with Superman - Most Eligible Superman

"Most Eligible Superman" continues the rocky relationship road between Clark (Jack Quaid) and Lois (Alice Lee) as Cat Grant (Melanie Minichino) accompanies the two for an event to name Metropolis' most eligible bachelor. Not believing he could possibly be single, Cat hopes to uncover who Superman might be dating. Trying to keep Cat off any scent of a Lois and Superman relationship, Superman does his best in the contest which earns the amorous attention of another contestant in Silver St. Cloud (Melanie Minichino), the ire of another contestant in Hank Henshaw (Jason Marnocha), and hurt feelings from his girlfriend.

The B-story involves the arrival of Kara (Kiana Madeira) who Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) give a tour of the city, unaware of her true identity. Given her haircut and expressions, Supergirl certainly has a more anime feel to here (to balance out the more militant Kryptionian tendencies). Although impressed with the wonders the Earth offers, Kara isn't all that impressed after finding her cousin on a dating show leading to a violent confrontation between the pair and orders for Kara to return Kal-El to her "father" which should introduce us to a new version of yet another classic Superman villain.

Although I'm not that big a fan of the Kyptonian battle armor Kara uses, I love her introduction her teasing her conflicted feelings towards the orders from who I can only assume is Brainiac which would also be a huge step up from the villains we've seen on the series so far. Superman's abduction leaves the show in an interesting place as I'll be curious to see if the next episode focuses on wherever Kara is taking her cousin or if we'll still get some of Jimmy and Lois either worried about the friend or attempting a crazy rescue (further draining the Flamebird funds).

  • Title: My Adventures with Superman - Most Eligible Superman
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