Thursday, June 27, 2024

Zatanna: Bring Down the House #1

Part of DC's Black Label, Zatanna: Bring Down the House #1 kicks off the five-part mini-series with a glimpse of Zatanna's life in Las Vegas, along with some childhood trauma that seems to have stuck with her around the time she first learned magic which we see teased in flashbacks. Despite her sunny disposition, there's a tension under the surface we see multiple times over the course of the issue including during a run through the desert and with one of her little fluffy rabbit friends.

Preferring to do "tricks" rather than "magic," we do get see part of Zatanna's act (to a mostly empty auditorium there for the free show) and the presence of one particular member of the audience day after day certainly has got her attention. When the nagging gets a bit too much for her, Zatanna decides to confront her in the middle of the show forcing some audience participation that doesn't go well for anyone. I'm certainly down for a few more issues of magic and plan to get a good seat and enjoy the show.

[DC, $5.99]

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