Sunday, June 9, 2024

My Adventures with Superman #1

Doing a comic based on a cartoon property, especially one which is still in its relative infancy and still on the air, presents challenges. While the comic can act as supplemental material, offering more for fans of the series, you wouldn't expect it to steal any big moments from the series itself while also attempting to keep from creating potential continuity issues for the show. Fans of the My Adventures of Superman should enjoy this one.

In terms of capturing the look and feel of the show, My Adventures with Superman #1 is a success. My biggest complaint with the series is its lack of interesting and credible super-villains. Maybe this space allows for some greater experimentation. Set at Christmas, what issue #1 delivers is a new version of the Parasite creating havoc throughout the city. Of course, Superman comes to save the day but what he learns after confronting the Parasite makes him begin to question letting the government take him away.

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