Wednesday, June 12, 2024


The "Moving Day" arc concludes with a confrontation between the Captain and Billy Batson, the reveal of what the Big Red Cheese was attempting to hide and why, and a conclusion that puts the future of both characters in doubt. The action of the issue comes from real life crashing down on Billy as he makes a discovery about his birth mother. Tied to the Rock of Eternity, Billy's strong emotions have negative impact causing cracks and fissures to form, enough of these finally shatter reality letting the monsters in and Billy calling on the help of the hero he left trapped back on the Rock.

In an ending I'll admit I didn't see coming, the Captain saves the day but his fate, and the fate of Billy, is left up in the air. Just where have they, and the Rock of Eternity, disappeared to? The reveal of where the Captain goes when not being summoned is also an interesting idea that might be worth exploring more. I'll be curious to see if Mary takes the lead for this new arc... although there is another hero just waiting to get his chance. C'mon, DC. Gimme Hoppy the Marvel Bunny!

[DC, $3.99]

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