Tuesday, June 11, 2024

X-Men #35

X-Men #35 closes out the current comic series heading into a relaunch of the X-Men titles. The X-Men title (which Marvel using a bit of questionable math adding up various issues to also call it Uncanny X-Men #700) is an overpriced farewell to the Krakoa storyline with the return of the island, some mutant infighting, and then its return to the beyond. The issue is really for fans of the storyline which, like many X-Men arcs, I felt got bloated and unwieldy long before its end.

That said, the comic does tie off several loose ends heading into the new comics on the way from new creative teams, and there are some backup stories in an attempt to justify paying $10 for a comic book. Along the way will get Apocalypse go all murdery, Wolverine attempt to murder Charles Xavier, and another conversation between old friends with Magneto taking the more reasoned and rational approach compared to Charles' recent choices. Oh, and the Professor dies? Maybe? It's kind of unclear (which is a problem for a comic hoping to deliver epic finality).

[Marvel, $9.99]

  • Title: X-Men #35
  • Comic Vine: link
  • Writers: Gerry Duggan, Al Ewing, Kieron Gillen
  • Artists: Joshua Cassara, Phil Noto, Lucas Werneck, Leinil Francis Yu, Walter Simonson, Mark Brooks, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Jerome OpeƱa, Luciano Vecchio, Stefano Caselli, Sara Pichelli

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