Monday, June 3, 2024

My Adventures with Superman - Fullmetal Scientist

While Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) continues to struggle with running the Flamebird interns, Clark (Jack Quaid) struggles to find common ground with General Lane (Joel de la Fuente), Lois (Alice Lee) races Vicki Vale (Andromeda Dunker) to break a story, and Lex Luthor (Max Mittelman) begins working with Amanda Waller (Debra Wilson), the focus of "Fullmetal Scientist" introduces John Irons (Byron Marc Newsome) as the head scientist and face of whose CEO (Max Mittelman) puts the entire city at risk not listening to his scientists about a disturbing flaw with the new Metallo robots which could destroy a large section of Metropolis.

Sure, the Metallo robots make absolutely no sense (and why steal a Superman villain name if you aren't going to power them with Kryptonite from the get-go?), but they do make for a refreshing change from Task Force X. And there's quite a bit to enjoy in this episode. The Lois/Vicki stuff is pretty great, Irons gets an introduction here that includes reasoning for him to have a giant suit of armor handy, we get a cameo from Livewire (Zehra Fazal) working as a gun for hire (who knows enough to split after she sees Superman), and the action works really well. In the end, however, despite the city being saved, it's actually a win for Lex and Task Force X who gain more tech which they will no doubt put to the test.

  • Title: My Adventures with Superman - Fullmetal Scientist
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