Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bones - The Warrior in the Wuss

While investigating the remains of a trucker found in the woods Booth (David Boreanaz) is distracted by the return of his son Parker (Ty Panitz) from his extended stay in Europe with his mother. Although at first unconcerned, a little snooping by Bones (Emily Deschanel) discovers evidence of Parker's jealousy of his younger sister and his father's new family.

The investigation into the victim causes Booth to look into a coworker (Evan Helmuth) attempting to horn in on the salesman's route and a Karate instructor (Robert Rusler) and his daughter, both of whom got into fights with the man shortly before his death.

Hodgins' (T.J. Thyne) buying spree in lab equipment draws the ire of Dr. Saroyan (Tamara Taylor). However, using some of his new tech, and a autoposy of a tequila worm, Hodgins and Clark (Eugene Byrd) help lead the team to where the victim was killed, and why.

Although each has a happy ending (almost sickeningly so), both the Parker and Hodgins back-up stories end somewhat abruptly. It's a good thing the show makes it bones (so to speak) on its characters because once again the mystery of the week feels lackluster as well. "The Warrior in the Wuss" has a couple of fun moments, but the Bones looks increasingly like a show that has overstayed its welcome and is just going through the motions while injecting cute family storyines in an attempt to distract from the fact that the show's best days seem to be far behind them.

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