Sunday, April 8, 2012

Missing - Tell Me No Lies

With the one lead (Victoria Smurfit) to finding her son dead, Becca (Ashley Judd) has no choice but to trust Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis) and the CIA. Armed with the knowledge that the man responsible for the kidnapping of her son Michael (Nick Eversman) is the same man who murdered her husband (Sean Bean) ten years ago, Becca begins a search into Paul's unsolved murder and the assassin (Miroslav Simunek) who got away.

Needing all the help she can get, Becca seeks out her mentor in the CIA, Martin (Keith Carradine) who she still blames for Paul's death, who informs Becca that Paul had gone rogue before his death and was working a group of ex-intelligence officers who had gone into business for themselves. In the episode's B-story Michael continues to try and escape his comfortable prison but learns the cost of his plotting when the young woman (Tereza Vorísková) who has been taking care of him takes a beating to send him a message.

The search for the assassin takes the team to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where Becca comes face-to-face with the man she believes killed her husband and has kidnapped her son. The assassin agrees to deal with the CIA, but when Dax learns the agency is shutting the mission down it takes Martin to convince him to keep going. However, the truth that Becca uncovers shatters her world when she comes face-to-face with the husband she believed dead for more than a decade.

Although the episode's big reveal was pretty easy to see coming (I called it during the Pilot), the sequence works well, especially how the show uses the multi-level winding alleyways of Dubrovnik to help ramp the tension in the final chase sequence. Here's betting well get more than a few more twists before Becca is reunited with her son.

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