Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fairly Legal - Shine a Light

Kate's (Sarah Shahi) latest mediation concerns a manager (Kevin Weisman) not happy with his aeronautics company's generous proposed settlement offer after firing him when the engineer discovered a flaw in the new design engine design which would cost the company millions to fix.

With no proof of the imperfection, or the cover up, the Justice Department won't prosecute, and since the man has already been discharged from his job if he attempts to remove proof from the company he could be charged with corporate espionage. Despite trying to dissuade him, Danny sneaks into the company and gets caught before he can make it out of the evidence.

In the episode's B-story one of Ben's (Ryan Johnson) clients (Rick Peters) is suing the firm for the lawyer not informing him of a $250,000 settlement offer before going to trial forcing Lauren (Virginia Williams) to babysit the situation until a settlement can be reached. Complicating matters is opposing council (Kelly Hu) offering only half of the original offer the client demands to be paid in the next 24 hours.

A strong episode that takes a few shots at the more ridiculous parts of whistleblower laws, involves Kate finding a way to sneak the evidence out of the company under the condescending executive's (Tom Amandes) nose, and Ben standing his ground against opposing council, Lauren, and his client to do what he believes is right. Even the smaller running gags such as the Batman references and Kate's refusal to join Facebook work well.

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